Friendz Updated
Small update to one of our Teacher and Student social networks,

Fix MOV file support broken with wrong MIME TypeFix  Force profile field attribute values of BaseTypeVirtual fieldsFix Error "User or Password incorrect." not translatableFix Additional hr in comment sectionFix Number of "n more" likes is invalid

Another wonderfully seamless upgrade. Now what do I do with the rest of my Monday?

10 resources to boost student media literacy | "While librarians, media specialists and writing teachers have traditionally taken the lead in teaching research skills and media literacy, it’s increasingly up to teachers of all subjects and grade levels to make sure students are responsible producers and consumers of media content."

20 Examples Of Digital Citizenship | "From communicating with on social media with clarity and respect to respecting others privacy to thinking critically and carefully about ideas and conversations and events before responding or contributing, practicing good digital citizenship is often a matter of the golden rule–and a little bit of common sense."

Froze my butt off and nearly got swept out to sea (ocean) taking this footage! Nothing a hot tub and glass of wine cannot fix.

is proud to announce a huge update to . Our learning commons and blogging platform is now live with tons of new features.

"How does a digital citizen become a digital leader? What does digital leadership mean for someone who is already practicing exemplary digital citizenship? In fact, are they not one in the same?"

Our K-12 YouTube clone is running in our private cloud and transcoding like crazy. Soon we will have live streaming and live chat as an added bonus.

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