"One reality of the increasingly connected K–12 classroom is even the youngest students are routinely going online, using email and engaging with mobile apps that collect their information.

But how do you teach a child as young as 5 how to safely navigate such technology?"

"The 21st century poses some unprecedented challenges for . While there are many benefits to the vast, never-ending source of information that is always at their fingertips, when the information isn’t filtered (or when a filter fails), the underbelly of this world can slink into their pocket, usurp their attention, and prey on their psyches."

Why it's not all about the learner: a sociomaterial account of digital literacy practices friendz.ca/content/perma?id=31

Digital Media Are Networked | Digital Literacy 101

"This video looks at the digital concept “Digital Media Are Networked.” Traditional media like radio, television, print, are largely “one way,” meaning you can’t really do anything but listen, watch or read them. In today’s ultra-networked world, digital media are interconnected and interactive."


Streamz - A k12 Federated Social Network

Streamz is a k12 federated micro-blogging social network hosted in Canada.